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Product ID: 925
Japanese Ming Tree Lantern Combination
Japanese Ming Tree Lantern Combination

No. 925 JAPANESE MING TREE LANTERN COMBINATION. Consists of Molds No. 925-A Lantern Base, No. 925-B Lantern Bottom, No. 925-C Lantern Cage. No. 925-D without core (uses core from No. 925-C), No. 925-E Lantern Lid. and No. 925-F Tiered Ball Ornament.  The total weight of all molds is 145 lbs.  Descriptions of individual mold components provided below.



No. 925-A LANTERN BASE. When used alone, the 70 pound concrete product from this mold makes an excellent stool or elevating base for flower urns, etc. Because it has three legs, it rests steady and will not rock. It has a raised, flat seat on top something like the top of a bird bath pedestal. The raised portion fits into the No. 925-B Lantern Bottom.

  • Height: 13-1/2”
  • Legs will fit into 22” circle at bottom
  • Leg dimensions: min. 4-3/4” on outside, min. 3-1/4” inside, 2-3/4” thick
  • Two-piece mold plus detachable center hole former

No. 925-B LANTERN BOTTOM. The hexagon design of the base compliments that of the lid. The concrete item weighs only about 50 pounds because the mold makes a tapered hollow center to reduce weight and is filled through the bottom so that the projecting ring (to engage the Lantern Cage or another Lantern Bottom) and also a large round hole through the center of the Lantern Bottom are automatically formed by the mold. Your only manual chore is to use a sweep furnished with the mold to form a circular depression in the base so that the Lantern Bottom will fit over the raised seat on top of the Lantern Base.

  • The point to point diameter: 19-1/2"
  • Overall height 5"
  • Two-piece mold plus sweep for depression to fit on No. 925-A.

No. 925-C LANTERN CAGE. The concrete item weighs approximately 25 pounds and is open both at the top and bottom so that it can be locked into position by the projecting ring on top of No. 925-B and a similar ring on bottom of No. 925-E. The core of the mold is like most any flower pot, but the three outside pieces form the three oblong, oval openings 3-1/4" high by 6-3/4” long without inserts.

  • Height 8-3/4”
  • Diameter 13-3/4"
  • Four-piece mold

No. 925-D LANTERN CAGE. You may have noticed that you have a choice between two cage designs. The core (inside mold section) of the No. 925-C Lantern Cage also fits this mold, so only the outside pieces are furnished. The concrete cage weighs about 23 pounds.

  • The window-pane type openings cover an area 3-1/4" high by 6-3/4” long
  • Cage is 8-3/4" high
  • Diameter 13-3/4"
  • Four-piece mold



No. 925-E LANTERN LID. Features six ornate Japanese Ming Trees on top surface and a projecting ring on the bottom for positive location. The finished hexagon shaped concrete lid weighs about 135 pounds.

  • Point to point diameter: 30"
  • Overall thickness: 6-1/2”
  • Two-piece mold. 

No. 925-F TIERED BALL ORNAMENT. Although the ornament could be omitted and reduce the overall height of the assembled lantern to 33", it adds a special oriental touch that completes the lantern. A position-locking cavity or hole is made in the bottom of the concrete ornament by a sweep supplied with the mold. The finished concrete item weighs approximately 10 pounds.

  • Height: 11-5/8”
  • Diameter of the bottom ball: 5-3/4”
  • Because the ornament fits over the center peak of the lantern lid, it adds only a net height of 10" to the assembled lantern.
  • Three-piece mold plus sweep for making cavity.



Price: $2,000.00

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