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Lamp Post, Cage & Cap
Lamp Post, Cage & Cap



This produces a most attractive and durable outdoor electric lamp, the assembly consists of products made by three individual molds as discussed below. The overall height is 7 feet, 2 inches and the entire package of molds weighs 104 lbs.

THE POST is 5' 8" high, has a base diameter of 14-1/2", and is made in a 2-piece plus a size 3 cap mold. For reinforcement, you should use a 5' 10" length of standard 1/2" water pipe, allowing 2" to extend through the hole in the cap. This provides a conduit for the electric wires and lets you use a pipe flange to hold the lamp cage and electrical fixture in place. Since the post is poured upside down, a wood 2x4 with a 1" diameter hole drilled through it should be placed over the pipe sticking through the cap. This will prevent the extended pipe from being pushed back through the cap as the mold is turned upside down. The pouring mix and "Tilt-to-Fill" method should be used. Use paper to plug both ends of the pipe and place the post mold so that you can prop it against a corner of your building or tie it to an upright pole for final filling. When you strike off the excess mix, scoop out a funnel-shaped hole about 2" in diameter and 2" deep, leaving the bare pipe exposed in the center of the funnel.

THE CAGE is made upside down in a 2-piece mold very much like a flower pot but the item must be reinforced and prepared to fit on top of the post. Use either wire or small diameter rod in each vertical rib or spoke of the cage. An easy method is to assemble a wire basket loosely over the mold core. Make a wire ring around the base and a second ring around the top area. Run individual wires up the spoke areas and attach them to the rings. A scrape is supplied with the cage mold and is used to make a recessed hole in the cage bottom as soon as the mix is hard enough to hold its shape. Remove the scrape and, at the center of the recessed hole, cut a 1" diameter hole down to the core. This allows the cage to fit over the pipe sticking out the top of the post. For easy removal of the mold, remove the bolts, turn the mold on its side and insert a wooden rod through the hole to the core. Several light taps with a hammer on the end of the rod will loosen the core. Then, carefully remove the outside mold section.

THE CAP is made upside down in a 2-piece mold and is 17" in diameter. After filling the mold, allow the mix to stiffen. Use your fingers to push the mix up in between the mold sections and make a dished out underside for the cap.

Price: $2,000.00

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