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Product ID: 274
Mushroom Cluster
Mushroom Cluster

No. 274 Mushroom Cluster

It's amazing what a concrete cluster of mushrooms can do for your customer's lawn.  And our craftsmen have come up with a majestic one with a great deal of flexibility.  The assembly is made in three separate 2-piece molds and quickly cemented together afterwards with a paste made of cement and water.  The completed product is 14-5/8" high and weighs about 60 lbs.

The base is 13-3/16" x 9-1/2" on the bottom and features such natural woods debris as a rock and oak leaf on one side and a log section on the other.  Five caps range in diameter from 12-1/8" to 2" and a scrape is furnished to make a recess in each of the three main onecs.  The drawing indicates the normal assembly, but the two baby mushrooms at the end of the base could be left capless...or you can make extra small caps and attach them most anywhere on the base.  Also, the angles of the main caps can be varied if desired for different effects. 

  • Base: 13-3/16" x 9-1/2"
  • Overall height of assembled product: 14-5/8"
  • Three two-piece molds--one for the base, one for main cap and one for remaining four caps--plus scrape
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

Price: $648.00

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