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Product ID: 163
Anchor Block
Anchor Block

This base lends an elegant air of distinction in any setting, by itself or as an elevating block for urns, boxes, statuary items, small bird baths, balls, globes, etc.

Measurements of this base:

  • Height: 19-5/8"
  • Top: 12-3/4" square
  • Bottom: 14-3/4" square
  • Four-piece mold
  • Weight: 42 lbs.

Note:  The product produced from an elevating base mold is often used as a foundation for a flower pot, statuary item, etc.  It makes items placed upon it look taller and, on a lawn, easier to mow around.  This mold forms the vertical sides only and is open on both the top and bottom.  You may want to make the center hollow (use a piece of oiled stove pipe or PVC) or make the elevating base upside down and scoop out a bowl-shaped area after the mix has stiffened.  This will lighten the finished item and, with the larger bases such as the No. 82, makes room for the placement of a recirculating pump. 

Price: $550.00

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